Why use quotes?

We see them on our social media platforms and read them in blog articals. No doubt quotes are very popular because people find quotes to be inspiring, motivating and shareworthy.

Quotes can bring a smile to our face when we are going through a tough time, or it shows us the deeper meaning in our routine tasks. Sometimes it helps us to see things in a different perspective.

No matter what the case, quotes are very powerful.

         "Our words have power. They impact others, but they also impact 
          us."            Michael Hyatt

If you are writing an artical try useing them to:
   1. You can offer alternative viewpoints or encourage your readers to reflect.

   2. Quotes can add impact to the start of your artical and sum up your artical at the end.

   3. Quotes will keep the attention of your readers if you use them in the body of your wrting because it breaks up the text making it easier to read.

Quotes Of The Heart